3: Kenny McKay - Interpath Advisory

Kenny McKay, Managing Director at Interpath Advisory, sat down with our CEO, Craig Evans, in the latest episode of On the Spot.
Interpath is a financial advisory business with a broad range of specialisms helping clients to face challenges or to find new opportunities to grow.
Kenny specialises in the transformation and restructuring of organisations, in both the public and private sectors, and leads their Northern team and industrials practice.
Kenny talks about his career and experiences within restructuring. He also discusses where he is seeing stresses and strains across different industries and how Interpath can help businesses ride out the economic cycle.
Interestingly, the volume of corporate administrations remains below pre-pandemic levels. Many businesses survived the pandemic utilising government support measures, but it is expected that insolvency figures will continue to rise as businesses are impacted by price pressures, upcoming debt maturities and weakened consumer demand.

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