SearCHeD - The Intelligent Companies House Search Engine


Transform your commercial due diligence process with our intelligent search engine. 

We've digitised over 600,000 annual reports filed as scanned images at Companies House. Previously these reports had to be searched manually one by one... a slow, painful process.

SearCHeD gives you the power to find hidden red flags, new business opportunities and market insights at the click of a button.    

We have an extensive suite of due diligence tools to help you meet AML requirements and manage your exposure to risk. When it comes to finding useful pieces of information in unstructured data, SearCheD is the tool for you. 

Financial failure is a huge threat to any business, it’s important to know the financial health of your customers and suppliers before you engage in any business transaction. Sure, you've assessed the company's financials and director history and everything checks out. But have you read the annual reports? Often there are keywords or phrases contained within the annual reports filed at Companies House that are indicative of risk. 

If you have a large portfolio, conducting enhanced due diligence on every company can feel like an impossible task. With SearCheD you can upload your entire portfolio and search across it for the keywords you are interested in. Alternatively, you can search across the entire library of Companies House reports. Data is easily downloadable to your desktop in PDF, CSV or XLS format, meaning you can share your findings with other stakeholders quickly.

'Covenant breach', 'defined benefit pension' and 'Taiwan' are just some of the most searched words on our database in 2023. 

The question is, what will you search for?..


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